The Endless Pool

August 19, 2008

By: Jim Boudreau

Endless Swimming PoolBoston - In the spirit of Olympics and Michael Phelps’ 8 gold metals, we wanted to talk about an outdoor space product that might just get us all a step closer to Olympic Gold; or at the very least, a few seconds faster in the pool!

The Endless Pool is a small pool design for use indoors and out. The signature feature of the Endless Pool is a built in current generator which allows a swimmer to essentially remain stationary while completing any swim stroke they wish. Often referred to as a ‘Treadmill for Swimmers’, the Endless Pool is utilized by competitive swimmers all over the world. Read more

Fountains For Any Space

May 30, 2008

FountainsWater is one element that is not easily brought indoors – the cost of an indoor fountain is usually cost prohibitive, and the potential for water damage is always an issue. Outdoor spaces however, are an ideal setting for incorporating a water element; more space is typically available, water damage is not a concern and the options are endless - from elaborate computer program mega-fountains to miniature table top bubblers.

Fountains for Small Spaces:
Even the smallest outdoor spaces can incorporate an element of water into their space. Wall mounted fountains such as the Viterbo Round Wall Fountain works great in urban courtyards and small terraces. Free standing fountains Read more

Introduction to Pools

May 6, 2008

swimming pools
Design Considerations Before we get into the details of the various pool options, it’s important to talk a little bit about where and how the pool will be used. Like any other element of your outdoor space, the pool should be functional while complimenting the spaces around it. If the landscape around your property is contemporary in nature, than the pool should be as well. Location is also key. Read more