Stackable Seating

October 9, 2008

Capsule Outdoor Stacking SetOutdoor seating is readily available in today’s market, but finding outdoor seating that is compact enough to save you space can be harder to find. That’s why when we found the Capsule Outdoor Stacking Set by Inmod we had to write about it. When the stacking set is assembled it looks like a capsule, or a life size 3-D puzzle. The Capsule Outdoor Stacking Set comes with a table and 2 chairs that fit perfectly into an egg shaped structure when the pieces are put together correctly. Read more

Del Mar Outdoor Furniture Collection

September 24, 2008

Looking for outdoor furniture for your deck or patio, but want something other than wood? We found the Del Mar Collection by Restoration Hardware and really liked it. It’s made of all-weather wicker that is hand woven with a more modern look. The Del Mar Collection includes quite a few different pieces, including sofa and loveseat, ottoman, chaise lounge chairs, coffee table, as well as other pieces. There are plenty of options to suit your outdoor room no matter how big or small the area.

Read more

Keeping Cool With Outdoor Fans

August 13, 2008

Torento Standing FanOn the hottest of August days, sometimes a ‘place in the shade’ doesn’t always cut it. Adding an outdoor fan to your outdoor space might just be the added relief you’ve been looking for.

There are many different options of outdoor fans and cooling systems so let’s take a look at what’s on the market.

Ceiling Fan: As the name suggests, this style of fan works best in a covered outdoor spaces such as a gazebo or screen in porch. As a general rule of thumb, ceiling fans should be hung from spaces with at least 8′ of vertical clearance. Outdoor ceiling fans are available in variety of styles, and often include variable speeds. For covered spaces, outdoor ceiling fans are a great option. Read more

The Chaise Lounge

August 6, 2008

Smith & Hawken ChaiseThe classic pool chaise has become a ‘must have’ in many outdoor spaces, especially spaces with in-ground swimming pools. The classic pool chaise is constructed of teak or mahogany and provides multiple positions for lying down or sitting up. Smith and Hawken offers a variety of teak chaises, including the Avignon line. The Avignon is constructed of sustainably harvest teak, and features convenient slide out trays - great for holding your favorite frozen cocktail. For anyone who’s tried to lie on a stone pool deck in the middle of the summer, you’ll understand why the chaise lounge is essential to your outdoor pool space! Read more

Outdoor Storage

July 30, 2008

Smith and Hawken Teak Chest The saying “you can never have too much storage” is as true for outdoor spaces as it is for indoor spaces. Watering cans, chair cushions, bug spray, sun block, candles and outdoor games tend to pile up in and around outdoor spaces. This is especially true around pool spaces. Unlike our indoor spaces however, outdoor spaces do not have the convenience of closets, attics and basements to hide that stuff away. In order to compensate for a lack of built-in storage, consider an outdoor storage chest made of teak or all-weather wicker. These pieces are aesthetic enough to compliment the other furniture in your outdoor space, and are large enough to store just about anything. Read more


July 21, 2008

Cypress Hammock StandBefore you pick a location for your hammock you should think carefully about when and how it will be used. Hammocks work best located in semi-secluded outdoor areas where they create a sense of privacy and relaxation. For smaller spaces, consider locating a row of tall planters, or screens along one edge of the hammock to hide it from the rest of the outdoor space. If you’ll be using the hammock predominately during the warm summer months, consider a location with dense shade. For spring and fall use, consider a more sunny location. For urban settings, or locations without natural tree cover, consider locating a patio umbrella next the hammock – this will give you flexibility to allow sun, or provide shade depending on the weather. You should also consider locating a small end table next to the hammock, which comes in handy for cocktails and books! Read more

Porch Swings

July 15, 2008

Cabbage Hill Porch SwingPorch swings are a great addition to any outdoor space. They provide additional seating in a relaxed environment. One of the great things about a porch swing is they can go in different locations. With the availability of swing stands, you can add a porch swing to just about any outdoor space. Or even use a heavy tree limb to hang the swing from. Read more

Patio Umbrellas

May 25, 2008

Patio UmbrellasWe recently wrote about the importance of quality patio furniture for completing your outdoor space. Another important item, which often goes hand in hand with your patio furniture, is a patio umbrella. Even those of us in the northeast deal with a few months of hot weather, so it’s important to have at least one shady location somewhere in your outdoor space. Patio umbrellas give you the flexibility of opening or closing them as needed to provide shade on hot sunny days, or even keep you dry in a summer shower. Read more

Furniture to Relax On

May 12, 2008

patio furnitureEven the greatest outdoor space is just an ‘empty room’ without well designed, properly placed furniture. The right furniture helps define spaces, and gives it purpose, be it dining, cooking, entertaining or relaxing.If the vision for your outdoor space is an outdoor living room, than you should consider providing the same level of comfort for your outdoor space.

One of the premier makers of outdoor furniture is Smith & Hawken. Founded in 1979, Smith & Hawken began as a garden tool company, but has grown a national retailer of premium outdoor products including outdoor furniture, garden structure, lighting, and planters. Smith & Hawken offers furniture lines in a variety of styles and materials, from traditional to modern. Read more

Patio Furniture

May 5, 2008

outdoor kitchen

Like the furniture in your house, the style of furniture you use in your outdoor spaces should compliment the character of the space. Modern furniture in a country garden (at least in this designer’s opinion) is a no-no. Likely, today’s outdoor furniture is available in every style imaginable from ultra modern to country casual. Smith and Hawken for example, offers high quality furniture in great range of styles, all crafted to stand up to the elements. Read more