Other Grilling Options

July 17, 2008

Big Green Egg

With all the hype around high end stainless grills and outdoor kitchens, I wanted to talk about two products, that buck the stainless steel trend.

The first is the the classic Weber Kettle, Charcoal Grill. As American as apple pie and baseball, the Weber Kettle has been at the center of the american cookout since 1951 when in was invented by George Stephen. Weber has recently introduced a premium line of Kettle grills, Read more

Pizza Ovens

June 4, 2008

If the plans for your outdoor space include a gourmet kitchen, you may want to consider a pizza oven as an added feature. Common to Italian villas, wood-fired pizza ovens have grown in popularity in the United States as the demand for outdoor kitchens increases. They are available in a variety of sizes, and can be finished in stucco, brick or stone. The unique nature of a wood-fired pizza oven can work in both traditional and modern outdoor spaces and become the central focal point of your space. It’s important however that ample space is provided between the oven and adjacent homes. Check with your local code official for outdoor burning requirements. Read more

Vermont Islands - More than Just a Grill

May 19, 2008

vermont islandsWith Memorial Day right around the corner, we thought it appropriate to take a look at a grill that is a lot more than just a grill - it’s an instant outdoor kitchen, right out of the box.

The Vermont Islands 36CV-48 27ST is an all-purpose, commercial grade, multi-functional grill system that will meet the needs of even the most hard core grilling enthusiasts. Read more

Outdoor Kitchens - The Basics

May 4, 2008

outdoor kitchen
The concept of an “Outdoor Kitchen” is certainly not a new one. People living in temperate climates have been using outdoor kitchens for hundreds of years. In recent years however, the basic outdoor kitchen has grown from a simple wood fired oven to fully stocked professional grade kitchens, including cook tops, sinks, trash compactors and even pizza ovens, and can cost upwards of $100,000 dollars. Even those of us living in the northeast have embraced the concept, despite our lack of warm days.

The following is a primer on outdoor kitchens. Future posts will include design ideas and product reviews to help you create the ultimate outdoor kitchen! Read more